Our Story

In September 2021, President Biden released Executive Orders (EO) 14042 and 14042. These EOs gave employees two choices: either receive the vaccination or lose your employment. Suddenly federal workers and contractors who object to the vaccine either for medical reasons or for sincerely-held religious beliefs were told they were no longer wanted. These highly-skilled personnel are some of the most committed and hardest working employees across the Nation!

Seeing God’s Hand at work, we set out to create a company where those employees who lost their jobs can provide for their families and live out their sincerely-held beliefs without forced vaccinations. We combine decades of experience working with the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), various other State and local governments, as well as private companies to bring your company an innovative approach to cyber security.

We believe God honors those who honor Him (cf. 1 Samuel 2:30), and also that we are to serve others as if we’re serving God. We promise to bring our same hard-working approach to technical assessments into your organization’s risk program.